Islamic banking function as intermediaries from surplus units to units
depisit, Islamic banks as well as the unit of funding (fundraising) also
function in fnancing (fnancing). In the application of Islamic banking
operations face technical constraints associated with the sharing
system (Proft and Loss Sharing), therefore Islamic banking fnancial
intermediary, in this case the Islamic banks are not just trying to
maximize the expected utility of its shareholders, but also pay attention
to expected utility entrepreneurs and depositors. In Islamic banking
operations apply for the results as a measure of return in the economy.
Penentua technically specifed ratio is fxed at the beginning of the
transaction but the nominal value can not be known with certainty,
but see the income that will happen later. In determining the ratio
ratio known as 1) Revenue sharing system; 2) Groos Proft System;
and 3) Proft Sharing System. But with the objective conditions of our
economy now Revenue Sharing System.

Keywords: Islamic Banking, Proft Sharing Sytem Revenue sharing,
Groos Proft System

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